A Time Out…NOW!


“Go sit in a corner, PUHLEASE!” No, this is not for the kids this time—this one is for mommy and daddy.

From homework and school projects to summer camp and family friend trips, we all need a break. Our household goes something like this: three children under the age of 6, both parents working full time, and owning and operating two businesses #why.

In the event to “get away” from hit it all, periodically my husband and I love to visit the vineyards in the north Georgia mountains. If you haven’t been – YOU NEED TO GO IMMEDIATELY!

Prior to having three kids, we were members of Frogtown Cellars and it was wonderful. Three to four bottles of red and white wine were shipped to us every so often where we would indulge in learning and drinking it too. But then “parenting” kicked in: baby bottles or wine bottles? You get the picture.

Fast forward to six years later and now we’re getting our mojo back and recently visited Montaluce Winery in Dahlonega.

As you drive up on the property, you are surrounded by beautiful scenery and immediately feel like you’ve escaped the hustle and bustle. As the valet greets you with a smile, you walk into a wonderful tasting bar. At this moment you should stop, indulge in a sip or two, and then head back to a two tiered terrace. Vineyards upon vineyards nestled against a lake make for an amazing view. Please take me back.

Because we love tasting and trying new wines, we have visited  Frogtown Cellars, Wolf Mountain Vineyards, The Three Sisters Vineyards, and several others but Montaluce is now our favorite. The service, people, and atmosphere were great and exactly what we needed. Granted we were celebrating Father’s Day weekend, we would definitely return.

A couple of things that make this place wonderful for time out:

Close proximity: It’s only about an hour to an hour and half away depending upon where you live. You can still be close to the kids in the event you need to return home pretty quickly—but hopefully not.

On site restaurant: The food was so delicious and not overly priced. Sometimes you’ll find that the wine is good and the food not so good. But both were pleasing to our taste buds.

Overnight Stay: If you really feel ambitious and want to stay with other parents needing a time out, check out the villas on the property. Basically, you can sip and then go to sleep! Typical.

Kid friendly: Yes, even though you need a break, kids are also welcomed but . . . we left our munchkins at home. As you can see, I put this last on the list #ijs

All in all, we can all use a break– the kids, the parents, even the dog. Please take a time out and sit in the corner – at a vineyard or winery that is!