Surviving the Summer as a Stay-at-Home-Mom


School’s out for summer! We should be excited, right? Who doesn’t love summer? Stay-at-home moms may not be quite as excited, though. All of a sudden, we are spending all day long, five days a week trying to keep our kids occupied. But they’ll be complaining they’re bored within the first two weeks!

Keep a Routine

The best way to get through the summer is to create a schedule or routine. With routine comes lower stress levels (for us and them), established expectations, fewer meltdowns from the young ones, and an overall calmer home. Our kids have structure all school year long, but that can disappear once summer hits. Luckily, you can still maintain structure and have a plan while leaving some flexibility, so don’t feel like you’re locked in!

Sign them Up

If you are able to, sign your kids up for summer camp, swim lessons, or a sport to immediately fill up time in your schedule and create routine! You can find a list of local summer camps here.

Go Out

Check your local library or bookstore to see if they’ll have summer story times. Dollar movies are a way to kill time on a rainy (or even way too hot) day. Visit a pool nearby, or visit one of Atlanta’s best splash pads. The Georgia Aquarium or Zoo Atlanta make for some fun adventure days. Visit an indoor play zone to enjoy the air conditioning. And of course, explore your local parks.

Check Out Events

There are a lot of fun events all around Atlanta! Keep an eye on Facebook events or check our calendar to find something different to do!

Plan an Activity at Home

If it’s nice outside, play with a sprinkler or a water table, and finish the day with popsicles. With summer will come rain, so we’ll need something to do indoors as well. Check Pinterest for fun art projects or science experiments. You can also build a fort or set up an obstacle course!

What are your favorite ways to spend those long summer days with your kids?